Underwater Treadmill

Run (or Walk) to Expanded Revenue Opportunities

Critical for most therapy applications, the treadmill simulates land-based walking or running without stress on muscles or joints. Gait training can be performed much earlier after surgery using an underwater treadmill at low speeds — allowing patients to get back to their normal living earlier. Use the treadmill in conjunction with our resistance current to vary intensity and work on core conditioning.

Studies show that underwater treadmills are a viable alternative to land-based treadmills. Water’s natural buoyancy gently supports joints to encourage free movement as you work against resistance in all directions. You burn as many calories, enjoy an increased range of motion, and suffer less muscle soreness — all without the pounding of land based exercise.

As soon as I started using the Endless Pool, my Achilles stopped getting stiff. That was a massive, massive benefit.
Alistair Brownlee, Olympic Gold Medalist

Constructed of durable, high-traction rubber with a non-corrosive frame, the hydraulically powered, underwater treadmill is equipped with handrails to aid a patient's stability and gives a extra level of security. The Underwater Treadmill is equipped to run at variable speeds up to 5.5 MPH. The treadmill utilizes a smooth, comfortable running surface that enables physical therapists, athletic trainers and strength and conditioning specialists to tailor workouts for conditioning and rehabilitation protocols.

When you combine the Endless Pool therapy current with our underwater treadmill, you get the optimal environment for conditioning and rehabilitation.