House Tour: Basement PoolsPartially In-ground

A concrete basement floor makes this pool location as affordable as it is surprising. Transform your under-utilized space into an aquatic oasis. Imagine taking a few steps downstairs for your daily swim.

Enjoy your Endless Pool even with low ceilings! By excavating just a couple of feet, you can turn this unlikeliest of pool locations into a your home's new swim and fun center!


  • Easiest access: the side wall functions as a seat; especially good for those with limited mobility.
  • A raised floor can create a partially in-ground appearance without excavation costs.
  • Partial excavation costs less than full excavation.
  • Lower heating costs than for outdoor pools.
  • Year-round access in any weather.


  • Excavation/a raised floor raises the cost.
  • May require a concrete pad.
  • A raised floor requires higher ceilings.