Create Your Own 'Lazy River' with the Fastlane®

The "Lazy" River that also keeps you active!

Lazy rivers are a huge draw of water parks, resorts, and theme parks. That may be because the whole family can participate in the all-ages fun and relaxation of a lazy river. You can create your own lazy river in your backyard pool, thanks to the Endless Pools Fastlane.

Lazy 'rivers,' of course, are really pools featuring a current just powerful enough to move inflatable rafts slowly along. And nobody creates a smoother (or more swimmable) adjustable current than Endless Pools!

The Fastlane swim current generator fits almost any new or existing backyard pool. You can quickly attach it to the wall or deck with no poolside electrical connections.

While the hallmark of the lazy river pool is its slow current, the Fastlane generates a current that can be adjusted with over 50 speed settings. That means that the Fastlane can effectively create a lazy river in pools of all sizes.

As a bonus, the Fastlane delivers so much more functionality than just a lazy river. Swimmers of any level can swim in place against the Fastlane current. At its top speed, the Fastlane lets you swim at a pace equivalent to 1:08/100 yards! That makes it suitable for competitive swim, open water, and triathlon training.

You can also use the Fastlane for added resistance during aquatic workouts and, depending on the depth of the pool, aquajogging. Or keep it as a lazy river pool, but ditch the rafts for a new twist in your next game of 'Marco Polo.'

Turn Your Backyard Pool into a Lazy River Pool. Learn More About the Fastlane Today.